PAQK Boot Camp - Observer Only

PAQK Boot Camp - Observer Only

  • $60.00

What is PAQK Boot Camp?

Boot Camp is NOT a basic behavior class at the local pet store.

Boot Camp is NOT an unsuccessful, temporary fix of a one-time home visit with a trainer. 

Boot Camp IS a hands-on owner involved experience where will YOU learn as much as your dog.

Boot Camp IS 6 hours of training and coaching with renowned dog expert Jennifer Broome.

You will learn the instincts behind your dog’s behavior, and what YOU, as a committed owner and partner can do to manage and improve the relationship between you and your dog. 

You and your dog will learn a better strategy based on proven methods to mold, condition and nurture good habits. 

  • Are you always apologizing for your dog?
  • Do you cringe at the thought of door bells, house guests or trying to hold a conversation on the phone?
  • Are your doors damaged with scratches?
  • Do you have a new puppy?
  • Have you acquired a "rescue" that you need rescued from?

You don't have to live like this, and neither does your anxious dog!

Spend a day with us.  Get the dog you want to love.  Get your life back.

PAQK Boot Camp runs 9:30am - 3:30pm

During our lunch break we will host a 45 minute Question and Answer session to ASK JENNIFER ANYTHING!