Pre-Hunting Season Fine-Tuning: Fitness & Foundation

  • $3,495.00

WHY are we offering this Program?

Because That First Flush / Retrieve / Point of Their Season Should Only Bring a Smile to Your Face

There is a good chance your bird dog has not hunted in a year and with a relaxed, lazy summer, may be out of shape both physically and mentally.

During our 4-Week, Pre-Hunting Season Fine-Tuning program, we will refresh his/her obedience & control afield in order to strengthen the bond between you and your dog. We will work them on Pigeons and Quail to regain the steadiness lost after a summer of fun and possibly the absence of rules. Additionally, upland hunt with Chukars on our woodland course.

We will work with him/her to get their head back in the game and will be prepared to teach, enforce and reinforce many aspects amidst all training situations; including Go, Stop & Come. 

This program is a great way to get your dog’s body and mind prepared for opening day.

"Your dog's physical fitness may single-handedly be the most significant element determining his/her overall wellness and the kind of hunting season you will both have. It may also be the most commonly overlooked reality by so many bird dog owners. Let us help get their MINDS and BODIES back in the game before your hunting season!"
Jennifer Broome, QK Owner & Founder

    Our 4-Week Program INCLUDES:

    • Expert & experienced training on exquisite 50 acres of private grounds
    • First-class boarding in private runs with one-on-one care
    • Complimentary Pigeons and Quail.  (Chukars are an additional cost)
    • A designed & customized fitness & conditioning program by Dr. Jennell Appel DVM, CCRT, renowned sports medicine & injury prevention specialist (Read below)
    • Twice/week Hydrotherapy Aqua Work sessions in state-of-the-art Hudson Aquatics underwater treadmill.
    • Three times/week Controlled ATV, roading in harness


    • Improve overall body condition & wellness 
    • Carefully monitor their diet 
    • Enhance endurance/strength
    • Re-adjust back into field work
    • Help avoid career-ending injuries via controlled exercise programs 
    • Daily physical fitness 
    • Revisit all-important Leash and E Collar Foundation 
    • Refresh obedience work 
    • Remind him/her that hunting is a team effort
    • Strengthen discipline around game birds
    • Enhance steadiness & marking
    • Create a focused, bird-handling mindset
    • Improve communication afield via true hunting applications
    • Strive for best performance before opening day
    • Help reduce the risk of heatstroke, pulled muscles, & spraining
    • Hunt longer & with more enjoyment!


    Who Designed Our Professional, Pre-Hunting Season Canine Fitness & Conditioning Plan & Who Will Create Your Dogs Customized Program?

    It is a pleasure to share with you that renowned sports medicine, athletic conditioning, and injury prevention specialist Dr. Jennell Appel DVM, CCRT, has designed QK's fitness and conditioning plan laying out the best exercises, practices, and post-training routines; all focused on maximizing your dog's strength, endurance, fitness, recovery, and overall collective well-being during this upcoming hunting season.

    EACH dog will undergo a personalized, virtual assessment by Dr. Jennell Appel and RECEIVE a fully designed, customized fitness and conditioning program.

    Arrival Monday August 21
    Departure Saturday September 16
    GO HOME GUN DOG CLINIC - 8am start
    with Jennifer and her Team

    We will discuss questions, demonstrate learned points in the field, review emergency medical kits, discuss hydration practices, converse about care on the road and while traveling, discuss how to react in emergency situations as well as snake and porcupine encounters and other adversities you may run into afield.

    We will also listen to individual concerns and share how to maximize your dog's comprehensive wellness throughout the entire hunting season.

    "I firmly believe this program will be invaluable to create, for both of you, your finest sporting memories yet. I hope to see you there! "

    -Jennifer Broome, Founder QK

    •  Welcoming only 10 dogs
    • Sporting dogs must have been previously trained at QK and have all vet records updated
    • Please inquire about additional training, boarding, and fitness through September 29th.