Mark Atwater Private Photo Shoot Session

  • $275.00

Paws in the limelight -for a truly rare opportunity!

Get magazine-quality images of your pup with a private photo session with acclaimed photographer Mark Atwater of Upclose Photo.

Renowned for his stunning action shots and cover-worthy images, Mark Atwater is widely considered among top sporting dog and wildlife photographers in America, and has spent decades capturing breathtaking moments of wildlife in action. QK Dogs is honored to have Mark visit our Canterbury campus and we are thrilled to be offering private sessions with this master of his craft, where he will coach your companion through leaps and bounds.

This one-on-one time will be shot on location, at the beautiful QK Dogs campus and surrounding areas.  The shoot will be meticulously coordinated to ensure both you and your dog receive 40+ magazine cover quality images. 

ALL DOGS WELCOME. From lap dog to Labrador, Mark is offering his expertise and time to all pet lovers — big and small. Each session is expected to take, on average, one hour — occasionally extending to 2 hours, based on each dog and handler.

  • Dates: September 19-22
  • $275 per session
  • 40+ "Magazine Cover" quality Digital images with prints available to order.*
  • Available to All breeds: Action shots or portraits. Open to working dogs, lap dogs, playful companions.

The session fee includes:

  • The photographer’s time and expertise
  • Capturing the images and sorting, archiving, editing and uploading to the website

Please note:

*Digitals or prints are not normally included in a photographer’s session fee. Owners will receive previews of the photos by text or email. Upload time following the shoot usually takes approximately 2-4 weeks depending on the photographer’s workload, shoot and travel schedule.