QK Complete Norwegian Dried Kelp

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QK Complete Norwegian Dried Kelp 

Kelp Benefits:

  • Kelp belongs to the underwater seaweed family.
  • It contains at least 25 vitamins including vitamins A, B12 and folic acid. It is also rich in vitamin D, calcium, iron, iodine, potassium, sulfur and magnesium. 
  • Kelp contains sodium alginate that is said to rid the body of heavy metals and radioactive elements.
  • Kelp can help maintain a shiny and healthy skin and coat in dogs, as well as increase coat pigmentation and prevent premature greying.

This nutritious sea vegetable offers many health benefits to dogs. It contains amino acids, trace elements, complex and simple carbohydrates and minerals. Kelp contains over 60 minerals and trace elements, 21 amino acids, simple and complex carbohydrates and several essential plant growth hormones.

It has an abundant natural source of iodine, which helps the adrenal, thyroid and pituitary glands function properly. Due to the presence of these nutrients in kelp and its known benefits for humans, many vets recommend kelp for the well being of dogs too.

FEEDING DIRECTIONS Introduce Dried Kelp into canine diets gradually. May be mixed with food for improved acceptance/palatability.

DAILY USAGE RATES Up to 5 lbs of body weight: 3/4-1 gram 15 lbs of body weight: 1.5 grams 25 lbs of body weight: 3 grams over 25 lbs: 3 grams per 25 lbs body weight (max of 4 teaspoons daily). The enclosed 5 cc scoop (1 teaspoon) will hold approximately three (3) grams when filled to slightly below the lip of the scoop (”scant”). For more precise dosing, the use an accurate gram scale is recommended. Intended for animal/canine use only. Keep out of  reach of children. Store in a cool dry place. Refrigeration is not required.

For reference 1 pound = 453.6 grams

Available in 2, 4, and 8 pound containers.