QK Complete Digestive Wellness Supplement

  • $42.95

QK Complete Digestive Wellness Supplement

A unique blend of prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes.  Optimizes the absorption of nutritional supplements for overall improved health and well-being.  Stimulates and feeds beneficial intestinal bacteria. Great for everyday use, as well as additional support during times of travel, stress, training, or competition.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE Provide to large-breed dogs at a rate of approximately 20 grams per day.  The enclosed 20cc scoop will hold approximately 10 grams (level).  Provide two level scoops per day.  Adjust the rate proportionately for smaller breeds.  Medium-sized breeds should receive approximately 10 grams per day (one level scoop). Small breeds should receive approximately 5 grams per day (1/2 scoop). Toy breeds should receive approximately 2.5 grams per day (1/4 scoop).

For reference 1 pound = 453.6 grams

Available in 2 and 4 pound containers.