Rick Smith Foundation Seminar 2022

Rick Smith Foundation Seminar 2022

  • $400.00

May 21-22, 2022

8:00am - 4:00pm 

A foundation gives you a solid base to build upon and is the first formal step in molding your pup into a good bird dog. In the simplest form, a bird dog needs to know three behaviors; go with you, come to you, and stand still. We will show you how to have your dog walk calmly beside you (the onset of having your dog go with you in the field), introduce your dog to birds, develop points of contact fur cues, work your dog on a check cord including pointing and backing exercises… and much more. Key training tools at this stage are the Command Lead, check cord and whoa post. This is the beginning of teaching your dog the fundamentals that every bird dog needs to know. No matter your level of expertise, the Foundation Seminar is the place to start with this training format.

Understanding your animal is the key to success in any training. At each seminar Rick concentrates on reading every dog’s body language and understanding his canine nature. Rick will spend time talking with you, both in group settings and individually. You and your dog will be given the opportunity to work together completing exercises under Rick Smith’s guidance.

Seminars are held at and around Quinebaug Kennels in Canterbury, CT.

Rick Smith is wonderful as a clinician, trainer, contact and gun dog training expert! If you need more information or have specific questions he is happy to speak with you (around his BUSY schedule) www.huntsmith.com or huntsmithrick@yahoo.com or (804) 784-3882.

For more information about Rick and the Huntsmith seminars, visit:

https://qkdogs.com/rick-smith-seminars-at-qk-2018/ or https://qkdogs.com/about/meet-the-team/friendly-links/