Zoom - 1 Hour IN DEPTH Consultation with QK Trainer

Zoom - 1 Hour IN DEPTH Consultation with QK Trainer

  • $100.00

If you want to fast track and start to learn from the best before the training begins - this is the Zoom for you!

Confused about which program to enroll your dog into or do you need our IMMEDIATE help to problem solve with coaching and training help? 

You will be amazed with the results of our Zoom QK coaching. 

A QK Trainer will thoroughly review your Assessment Form prior to the call and highlight areas of concern. 

We dive into the psychology of our training practices and explain the methodology that simply just makes sense!  

We will break down each answer that presents red flags, with many items that we identify as glaring problems.

With several simple changes in your home life rules, structure and even feeding practices or time spent working on patience manners, the results will astound you! 

Upon receiving your order, QK will contact you to schedule the specific date and time based on your preference.