Zoom - Introductory BASIC Q & A with QK Trainer

Zoom - Introductory BASIC Q & A with QK Trainer

  • $50.00

Let's have a conversation - 

We understand that sending your dog off for training can be stressful! 

We offer a 30 minute meet and greet with a QK Trainer to not only answer your most basic questions but also to explain the QK Training Programs to give you a better understanding of our training philosophies and methods used. 

A QK Trainer will read your Assessment Form prior to the call, and based on your answers, needs and goals we will help you decide the best program and options to meet your needs. 

We may also make suggestions to jump into some problem solving and assistance right away regarding your dog’s health and wellness, and offer ideas and pre-QK work to help best prepare your dog for one of our training programs.

Upon receiving your order, QK will contact you to schedule the specific date and time based on your preference.